Monday, October 22, 2007

And i`m a little bit philosophical...

  In all honesty there are people who aim to be average, i mean, you get to shut the fudge up a lot, your opinion counts for well, nothing and all that crazy stuff... well i say, bollocks!
  Not long ago some b...lady from the crazyhouse of psychology or whatever said i have an
average IQ. Fudge that! Based on some aeon old tests made by someone as crazy as she is, someone prolly dead but who gives a fudge!?!
  So anyway i`m not taking it for granted `cause hell i`m supposed to be smart, but no matter,
my point was that people should not be labeled like that, i call people stupid all the time but i
don`t make a study out of it, draw diagrams and make a huge banner that sais YOU ARE
  Two things we don`t need in the world, psychologists and doctors who know you better than you know yourself but are prolly as fudged up as you are, if not, worse.
So that`s it for tonight i think, how does this work, my god what do i do now? There is an orange button that sais [PUBLISH POST] ... ok, wait i`m going to press it see what it does.

p.s. Just kidding, i hate blogs but you know what they say "know your enemy".


Oprea said...

f u c k them...labeling is stupid ...

AshTooN said...

damn fudging right

Shallow® said...

My dear Ashton. I think you have a problem with somebody...
As in gaaaş if someone tells you that you are average that isn't necessarily true... If everybody tells you that you are intelligent that is also not very true. And intelligence cannot be measured in diagrams and stuff like that...
As a conclusion it doesn't matter if you are average or not...

But I scored HIGH

God said...

everyone labels everything.and yes,it is sick.but it's natural.u just labeled that "b..lady" as CRAZY.
+ fuck superficiality.
everyone's shitty and mean.including me (but i realized i never have to mention that).
no one's good,great,average or even lame.
it's all in the POINT OF VIEW.
Two things we don`t need in the world, psychologists and doctors who (blabla).

that's silly.

AshTooN said...

what i said was purely umoristic :)

Seriously i don`t care about that but since you made it so ... something i must say, yeah i labeled the b lady, so what? It`s a mere retaliation.