Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Simpsons: GAME

After the 20 year wait for The Simpsons: MOVIE, Matt Groening`s animated sitcom is not standing by waiting another 20 years. The Simpsons Game will be hitting all major and portable consoles at the end of this month (Oct 30Th), yes, you heard me, CONSOLES.
That sucks, but what can we do, we can only hope that by some miracle PC users will be able to play it, anyway this game seems to be a good enough reason for some to buy the new psp or even Nintendo`s Wii.
I think we all remember Simpsons Hit`n`run game that was sort of an Grand Theft Auto parody, well this time we have epic parodies of games and other things, such as Medal Of Homer (Medal of Honor), Neverquest (Everquest) and the list can go on, from the trailers on the EA website I can say the game looks pretty fun and the graphics are perfect for this type of game.
With the movie, game and the new season 19 the Simpsons look fresh and still the longest running animated series. This makes me think of Bart`s chalkboard writing "I will not wait 20 years for another movie" in S19 episode 1 and Maggie`s first word "Sequel".

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