Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Generation TV shows

TV prime time shows have been around for a long time, from comedies and raw sci-fi that was around at the peak of TV popularity to TiVO and Internet streaming, TV series were a good way to pass the time.
Today`s shows are far more complicated, with bigger budgets and with fans talking about them all over the blogosphere/websites.
So we are dealing with a new trend of shows, with lots of mysteries, science fiction and even some messiah concepts that have become quite frequent in today`s shows, probably pointing out man`s desire for the truth and his evolution over 2000 years pointing out that something is fishy, letting imagination break loose amazed us with shows like Lost, The 4400, the comic-book stylized Heroes and even re adaptations like Battlestar Galactica (much darker than the original) and the list can go on, people have a real desire for apocalyptic concepts, end of the world, conspiracies (to fit Prison Break around here) thus other shows end up cancelled or left behind. The first months of 2008 will be great with major shows coming back, i think Lost is still the most anticipated one but until then i invite you to watch the next episode of Heroes "The Line" airing tomorrow.

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Fruit species said...

I remember the times when 'Friends' came on air and I was hooked. Didn't expect it ran on for years. Nowadays, I hardly watch TV much, blame it on blogging :) Nice movie updates