Wednesday, October 31, 2007

FlatOut: Head On?

For my last post this month i was thinking to write about something related to halloween but then i came across a tiny bit of news, or maybe news for me (???), looks like the next game in the FlatOut franchise called Ultimate Carnage is now called Head On, and this Ultimate Carnage was meant to be Xbox 360 exclusive, but since Microsoft owns Xbox it would not hurt it if it were to be released on Microsoft`s other "console" called Windows Vista, so the game is now called Head On, i wanted to write a mini preview but with a little over 3 months before it`s release nothing is known about it except a bunch of pics, surely those pics were not made just for the heck of it, but what about promoting the game?
Wake the fuck up guys! FlatOut 2 was one of the games with the best video optimization i have seen, so that is one of the reasons i wanted to talk about this new one, because FlatOut 2 was fun and almost anyone could play it, if this next game won`t stand up to it`s predecessor standards on January 15th i will personally eject out my window and try to land myself in a fence fifty meters high.
p.s. Trick Or Treat!

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