Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sitcom Overview: American Dad

I must bore you people (readers) with just one more entry on this category, the last one for this week at least. But make no mistake, as inocent as cartoons were at their origins (even though we all know the myths surrounding Disney) American Dad is not inocent, not for kids, and not so sure i`d show this to old people either.

American Dad is created by Seth MacFarlane the same dude that made Family Guy, well it`s obvious since we have strong connections between the two, for example instead of the sarcastic, alcoholic, talking intelectual dog Brian from Family Guy we get a 2in1, a talking semi-fascist german goldfish Klaus and an amazing character-wise alien Roger, nothing special apart from being saved from Area51 this alien has an drinking obsession, semi-genius ideas that start good and end up very bad, numerous disguises and huge history of his own.
Then we have Peter Griffins omologue Stan Smith, appart from his john doe name he is ultra-conservative republican weapons specialist CIA agent and above all that, still, he is a total moron, his actions can only be compared to Eric Carman`s at best, how he got involved with an charming woman like Francine is a mistery but that sounds like a sitcom stereotype. Like that`s not enough we get classic characters like Stan`s doughter the kind-of-hippie girl Hayley and her brother the geek with an boob obsession Steve.
American Dad has been going for 2 seaons now and it started it`s third, it`s the kind of show american patriots laugh at but prolly don`t get the inside jokes, the show`s characters are not much to talk about, references to Family Guy at every minute but still fresh and worth a watch.

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