Thursday, November 22, 2007

Statistics / Blogs Blow Dot One Month Aniversary

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December 15 2007 : reached 20.000 page loads.
Most viewed posts until dec15: southpark-list.html / family-guy-100th-episode-special.html / heroes-powerless.html
Statistics for December will be updated on the 31st.

older statistics (calculated for November and 5 or so days of October):
as originaly posted:
My blog is now officially one month young and i have to say i`m pretty happy with what i`ve done so far, so i thought i should do a recap of things i done, most commented posts and statistics and whatnot. So, enjoy and come again.

Since it`s opening until now (calculated as first month = 30days) this blog got 10,647 unique visitors and 12,469 page views. The daily viewer average stands at 343 with 400 views and the user/visits peak was at 1,099 and 992 visitors on November 15th. I`m pretty happy with that.
Moving on, the most used keywords in Google to reach this blog were "south park the list" followed by "family guy" keywords (from Google Analytics). The Most commented blog posts were: "SouthPark Imaginationland 3/3 of season 11" and "10 Movies You Should See Right Before You Die"
And that`s about all, in the future i will write more and try to please all kinds of readers.

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