Friday, October 26, 2007

Maybe MMOs got it all wrong...

From the first "Massive" online games to greatest time stealer of all time (you know what i`m talking about). RPGs initially provided a great platform to develop online games with more than just a couple of players online, but on the other side, at the same time we have MMOs and we have complex storyline single player games with stunning graphics, sound, voice acting and an overall movie-like experience.
STOP! Wait a second, that`s bad. I know everyone will say that it`s like i`m comparing two different genres, but i`m not, for example RPGs, we have MMORPGs boring as hell with limited motivation like being the best out of thousands/million and immersive SP RPGs with immersive storylines, gameplay and everything. For some that was not such a big deal... until now.
Looking at what MMOs we`ll be seeing in the near future the genre is becoming more gameplay and cinematic oriented, why? Because even the toughest grinders get bored, that`s why.
So we are looking at a step they should have developed earlier, i`m not saying MMOs are bad as they are, just that everything get`s old and people want adrenaline not grinding and doing the same thing over and over. Yeah WOW was a big step, but it kind of sold it`s soul for money.

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