Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Crysis and friends...

The recently released (huge) demo of Crysis with the respected hype and "Boo Hoo!" is nothing more than a mere tech show off for the few who can actually afford it. Nevertheless we can`t say that Crysis the game will be a disappointment and nobody will like it, we will have a big percent who will bow to the Eye candy graphics and then we will have the rest complaining about system requirements, even so, i admit that a few years back people used to complain about requirements of games like Far Cry and more, this is normal.
Now i will tell you what is NOT normal: Having games like Crysis with requirements that are not justified while we have the recently released Episode Two of Half-Life 2. Packed in the Orange Box with Portal (amazing game), Team Fortress, and past games from the series is THE BEST deal you can get, and will get, this year. I say that Crysis does not justify itself because we have extremely optimized games like HL Episode Two to choose over it with extraordinary story and cinematic experience and still being true to the classic FPS genre, i have a feeling, more than a feeling, that Crysis will be appreciated by those who can afford it and try to shut up those who can`t, this is already happening, because most will say "Eh, i`ll buy a new PC next year" or something, but what happens when Crysis is over-hyped on all major websites... truth is you feel kind of small. Gaming Industry/CryTek: One, Average working man saving up for a quality game/machine: Zero.

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