Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tales Don`t Tell Themselves

I wanted to write about this album since summer, but it`s better now since now i can read all the reviews and what other people think about it. But what do i see when i read the reviews, this album is rated average at best.

For me it`s definitely not average, it`s one of the best musical releases this year, so the dipshit that said this is bad and only 12 yo girls will like it, well, i guess HE is part of little girls.
Funeral For A Friend is pulling it`s ass away from the average alternative/"post-hardcore" sell-out bands, this album has a THEME, a thing other bands don`t have or vaguely define as dark... or not so dark thematic.
So "Tales Don`t Tell Themselves" makes a first impression of... boredom, wich is true but after a while it gets much better, the double bass pedal is no longer used but the sound can be rather colourful and complex, i think one of the main reasons i like it is personal one and because i relate to it.
The complex songwriting, amazing vocals and guest vocals from lead singer`s "The Secret Show" band mate (female), returning home while at sea, in a cubicle in some metropolis or listening to it on an island (like i did) can bring lots of nostalgia.

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