Friday, November 16, 2007

10 Movies You Should See Right Before You Die

I was browsing around for a list of ten movies i should see right before i die, that`s rather normal i suppose. But i was surprised to find (a lot) of lists with movies that suck, the kind of movies you would see by accident and of course you would call it a day and say "Yeah i saw that movie". So i decided to make a list of my own, only these are the movies you should see right before you die just in case you did not, these are rather known movies so it`s more like a failsafe, if you did not, run and watch them.

So without further bla bla, here are ten movies you should see right before you die:
Number One (1): The Good, The Bad and The Ugly : trust me, if you are about to die and have not yet seen this piece of art there is NOTHING i can say, just do it™.
2. Schindler`s List : Why would you see the biggest budget b&w movie in history right before you die? Because it`s one great movie with outsanding acting, how can other lists forget this movie? Geesh...
3. Leon : Leon is not exactly mandatory to see, but while i was documenting for this list i came across it again and i thought, hey, i should see this one AGAIN before i die.
4. Edward Scissorhands: This is a Johnny Depp movie, if you think Depp is all about PoTC go kill yourself, this is plain great, it`s weird, it`s funny, it`s something you should see right before you die.
5. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest : Having good knowledge about movies is like having good literature knowledge, this is the kind of movie that gives you that, i don`t know how, but this movie is weird, it`s premise sounds boring but it won`t let you go.
6. Pulp Fiction : See, this is what i`m talking about, other -movies you should see before you die- lists don`t have these movies, maybe the author thinks everybody saw them, guess again, it`s your job to make sure!
7. Forrest Gump : I`m going to pretend you have seen this movie anyway , don`t even tell me you have not.
8. Fight Club : Again, one of the recent (relative) movies that you must see, by now you are probably asking yourself why i don`t talk about the content of each movie. The answer: Humans are judgemental creatures, tell them something and they might get it wrong, humans don`t even know what they like, they think so, but they do not.
9. Back To The Future : OK, i am not insane, not yet, even though this movie isn`t something you should hang on to on your death bed, it`s just something very nice and makes you warm on the inside.
10. And last but not least, Cidade De Deus ... i ask myself why this movie, i don`t know it`s just something that opens your eyes a little, but you know, i said 10 movies, there are hundreds you should see, maybe even more, if you like those, there are more.


Defyer said...

Love, man, love. Impressive list. Really didn't expect these movies from you.

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AshTooN said...

aw man i love spam

ktx said...

seen'em all I did, must I kill myself now, mate ?

AshTooN said...

nicely done mate, you can die in peace now but hmmm don`t kill yourself, that would be suicide, NOT COOL :P

i guess all you can do is wait to die, or wiat for me to post more lists.