Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Call Of Duty 4 feels like you are there

The official box art for Call Of Duty is anything but purple but trust me, this is as cute and cuddle as CoD4 gets, inside that box lies one of the most dramatic and shocking games i ever played.

Allow me to explain, you don`t even have time to say FUCK, the first 15 minutes are extremely intense, a fast paced blitz fight on an huge transport ship, with dramatic ending and extremely well done visuals, voice acting and directing so to say, it`s one of the most unbelievable scenes in a game, ever, i`m not over hyped i`m serious.

The very next scene you just happen to wake up being carried to a vehicle by some sort of extremists, transported to some sort of plaza where you can hear your heartbeat, silence then held at gun point and shot with a bulled that you can actually feel, only to find that you were an important leader, fucking well done! Good gfx optimisation, beautiful dramatic score, voice acting and cinematic experience, the only downside i could notice is that sometimes the great level design and overall graphics make you stop and admire the game fact that could get you killed.


Anonymous said...

purple lol :D

Anonymous said...

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