Monday, November 26, 2007

6 Unusual Games You Should Play Before You Die

I decided to make a list of games you should play before you die after i made the one with movies you should see (right before you die), and maybe i`ll make more lists, but here are six of the most unusual games you just have to play. The criteria aren`t many but i`ve excluded classics and games most people played anyway to make this list as helpful as it could be, so if you can`t find Bladur`s Gate, Half-Life, Diablo or any other godlike game, i did not forget. So here are six unusual games:

1.Portal: Portal is by far the biggest surprise of 2007 and the biggest surprise in a long, long time, it`s genius, it`s weird, it freaks you out a little and it`s so much more than you`d think, because if you think Portal is senseless portal shooting, you are so wrong, it has one of the best stories in recent games, all with a simplicity other game developers could only dream of.

2.Grim Fandango: Grim Fandango may be rather old and it`s not that unusual after you get over the fact that you are working as a travel agent for the Department of Death, based on Mexican culture with amazing humour makes Grim Fandango one of the funniest adventure games in history.

3. Black and White: To be honest B&W is not that unusual nowadays because games tend to be as non-linear as possible but at it`s time it was a major development and today it`s still one of the most weird and funny "god" simulators, considered one of the most polished games. Made by Peter Molyneux B&W is so damn worth for this list.

4. Call Of Cthulhu: When you are making a list like this one it`s hard not to think you might have omitted some major games but that`s the beauty of it, it`s just 6 games, not THE 6 games so this is open to interpretation. Anyway Call Of Cthulhu: DCoTE is a game inspired by H.P. Lovecraft writings and from that you can only imagine how weird and good this game really is.

5. F.E.A.R. : First Encounter Assault Recon is one of that things that will mark you for the rest of your life, if you are not afraid of little girls, you will be after this game, little girls have scared the crap out of me in horror movies and not only since i can remeber. This game right here is by far one of the most frightening, weird and unusual experiences you will ever encounter.

6. Halo : Yes, i`m talking about the original Halo, and you have to admit it is a little bit unusual, but the distance between console and PC releases kind of took a little of it`s popularity so to say, but even so, chasing "aliens" around a ring-like (hence HALO) planet in the role of the Master Chief (rank) is pretty damn unusual to me.

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