Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The 2nd best game of all time according to gamespot.

... is none other than Crysis

Again i find myself talking about crysis, the next-generation crazygame, so this game is supposed to be the second best game of all time according to Gamespot, may not mean anything to you but that`s pretty huge, putting Crysis at .1 difference under Diablo is a big step and even though Crysis is so cool according to Gamespot Diablo is still better so bad luck evil Crysis, nah just kidding.
I must be fair though, crysis is not exactly the second best game of all time, it stands at 9.5 with World Of Warcraft, Valve The Orange Box and many others but GameSpot`s actual system shows Crysis right under Diablo with a small diference. Either way i`m uncertain of this game`s qualitty yet, because it still seems way before it`s time and the fan base is not that big... i mean fans are many but unlike The Orange Box only few can actually play it properly, but who am I to argue with GameSpot.

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