Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rock Band and SouthPark

OK, so i lied when i said "The List" is my last post about SouthPark, but this is not really about SouthPark, it`s about Rock Band the upcoming rock band simulator for consoles to be launched later this month.
As some of you might remember, there was and episode in SouthPark when Timmy becomes a popular rock lead singer in the band "The Lords of the Underworld" later to be renamed into "Timmy & The Lords of the Underworld", so as you are prolly guessing by now, Rock Band will feature this song on it`s new bonus track list that includes songs from Flyleaf, Honest Bob, Freezepop and many others, this brings the total songs to a number of 58.

All i can say is that the game will most definitely rock, i don`t know how it will play but it will ROCK, with songs over all rock eras and bands like Dire Straits, Ramones, KISS, The Who, Black Sabbath, The Police and ... `nuff said!

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rock on