Thursday, November 1, 2007

SouthPark "Imaginationland" synopsis

Now that the longest running multi-part episode of SouthPark is out i think it would be fair to talk about the whole story of the Imaginationland episodes.
It all started with Cartman and his leprechaun and the contract with Kyle that said if the leprechaun is real Kyle will have to suck Eric`s balls, finally the leprechaun makes it`s appearance to Kyle`s surprise and warns them that a terrible thing is going to happen, so it happens that the mayor of Imaginationland comes to the boys and takes them to Imaginationland, the place where everything ever imagined comes to life, and then, just like that, terrorists begin their attack on the imagination and try to free the evil imagination forces separated only by a wall, as the leprechaun warned, on an attempt to make an escape Butters is left for dead and used as a tool to send a message to the world from the terrorists. Cartman goes to trial with Kyle and the judge agrees that Kyle has to suck his balls, the government brings up their ImaginationGate and conclude that they should nuke but then the council of nine puts on a plan to defeat the evil forces, the council consisting of Jesus, Luke Skywalker, Gandalf, Popeye and more including that Asshole talking lion from Narnia.

Anyway Butters becomes the chosen one and the epic battle between good and evil is won yet again by the good but the imagination still gets nuked but re-imagined by Butters. Oh! And Kyle sucks Cartman`s balls but not how you would expect, but that`s for you to discover. This one is a great episode, and if you can get it now it would be worth it.

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