Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Open Handset Alliance, Android and SciFi

I had no idea what to write about so i thought i should write about Gphone as they called it, but to be honest there isn`t really anything to talk about, the Gphone may be just a simple phone while the focus of Google is on the Open Handset Alliance and Android.

The Android is an Open Source mobile platform, they say it`s the first fully Open Source, but whatever, Google`s information for this project gives me fucking headaches, i had to browse the web for a about an hour to find stuff i already knew about it, maybe i`m overreacting, maybe something, i don`t know but it just feels like the "Gphone" with it`s Android are just the toys of a select few, the same who are working on it. The concept is mind blowing if you think how they want you to think but how will this revolutionise so much if the whole thing is so blurry.
My point is, i know what it is, you know, most Internet users do, but average people don`t even have a clue what Open Source means and i think that`s a problem in some way.

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