Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Killers "Sawdust"

Artist: The Killers
Album: Sawdust
Year: 2007
Genre: indie/alternative rock
Release dates: November 10 - November 13 2007

So this new album from Las Vegas indie band The Killers is a series of re-recordings of hit songs, covers, rare songs and cool remixes. if you like quality rock music, and especially if you like The Killers you`re gonna love this new "compilation" again with British influences like covers of Dire Straits and British post-punk band Joy Division.
The album sounds great with lots of material you won`t get bored of, ten minute "Mr. Brightside" remix with lots of synth, abbey road version of "Sam`s Town", new recording of "Move Away" from Spider-Man 3 Soundtrack. My faves are "Glamorous Indie Rock And Roll" and "Mr.Brightside" but i love the other songs just as much.
If you don`t know who The Killers are you should buy this album and then you`ll wanna buy the others as well, no matter what people say in our age of crappy music The Killers are a fresh breath of quality.


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I luvs it! im listening to it right now! its AWESOME!!!!!