Monday, November 12, 2007

SouthPark "The List"

So here we are just one more episode to go in season 11, airing this week "The Line" episode 1114 (preview) and season finale will feature a quest for a list made by the fourth grade girls that rates every boy from the cutest to the ugliest and naturally the boys will try to seize the list. Above all that we are promised an unexpected result when the boys finally get the list.
That`s about all for this last episode this is my last blog entry for this season, don`t forget that season 12 will start in March, also you should check out the new "Christmas Time in South Park" DVD with South Park classic Christmas specials. Enjoy!
p.s. From the preview Cartman looks so pissed off.


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Anonymous said...

Watch South Park - The List

Christopher Leilehua Martin Medeiros said...

im trying to figure out what this is parodying.

some movie

any ideas?

Adrian Gabor said...

hmm no ideea