Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas/Winter Song List

I said to myself i am starting the winter in a proper way, with music that will make me at least melancholic, because Christmas is something we all experience differently and the one that does not feel even a little warm inside on Christmas is a SAD person, but not worse than those who say X-mas is NOT about presents, what are you people? Morons?
You may say that, Chiristmas makes you sad, but even so, it makes you feel, it brings back memories and all that, i`m not a religious person but i must say if world peace could be achieved it would be achieved on a Christmas day.
And now, a list of my favourite rock (with subgenres of course Christmas/winter songs.
- A.F.I - Love Like Winter
- Something Corporate - Forget December
- Home Grown - Christmas Crush (Santa is a girl ok?)
- Sum41 & Tenacious D - things i want (so funny)
- Dashboard Confessional - Only Gift that i need
- Weezer - The Christmas song
- Weezer - Christmas Celebration
and more, i will update this list if i feel like it.

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