Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Prison Break "Boxed In"

Episode nine of season three Will air, as some know, in January after this holiday hiatus, more precisely Monday, January 14 2008.
The last episode left us with a mini-cliffhanger with Michael taken by the Panamanian army out of Sona with Alex returning to Sona instead, as some of us call, the old Switch-a-roo :).
From some synopsis available on the Internet and this promo video i found out that [Spoiler] Michael may get a taste of solitary (whatever that means, perhaps being locked somewhere by himself), T-Bag reserves a spot in the escape (who`s escape? James and Alex? HAHA Fat chance), Bellick`s life turns into an uphill battle (Bellick had it pretty bad since he got there, i`d enjoy seeing more of his sucky life) and last but not least Susan traps Sucre, our Mexican friend with a cameo in Transformers may get it pretty rough all that`s left now to do is fast forward trough X-mas with our universal RCs and see the episode.


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