Monday, December 17, 2007

Stardust... i like

Stardust is something that .. makes your day. I was about to miss this movie and i couldn`t be happier i didn`t, the movie itself is amazing, i guess, in the end there are two types of movies, the ones that rise above your expectations and the ones that are under your expectations, or just somewhere in the middle, Stardust fits perfectly in the first.

However when you make it sound like "Some dude goes after a falling star to win his love`s love (lol)" it does sound kinda cheap and isn`t as much epic as post LoTR fantasy movies require, but this movie is wonderful from dialogue, casting, score, acting and above all, characters, there are a lot of characters (for a two hour movie) and they are very nice, a little predictable but i guess that`s exactly what the movie producers intended, it feels like hearing (or watching a Disney adaptation :P) a classic fairytale only very fresh and as people like it, with lots of CGI, but the use of computer rendered environments and objects (and whatnot) is in no way bad in this movie, everything is tasteful.

As i never do i won`t say much about the story since spoiling even one bit of this movie will damage it, the movie never bores and it`s obviously more in the "box" than you would expect, it`s funny and entertaining i couldn`t say more without spoiling your personal adventure. Enjoy.

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great movie