Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The SixtyOne - a music adventure

I came across this new website called the sixtyone with a little help from Digg, the website is a very nice and cool idea, it`s basically a "radio" like last.fm is only it has a Digg-like touch to it.
You can [bump] songs for points for example, how does that work? Well, you bump songs that you like and hope that other people will bump them too, and that will get you points, of course, points can come trough other ways like listening to music, daily log-in, referring friends so on and so forth. But if for example you are the first to bump a song that will bring you a lot of points, that is called a discovery.
The main idea of the website from what i get is to connect artists to fans, thus with more points you get more levels, more reputation and maybe some artists will see you and say hi, or at least, that`s what i think, if not, it`s still cool because it beasts last.fm.
The (relative) downside is that the bands are not very well known, but the site is at the beginning, though i noticed a lot of nice bands on thesixtyone radio, like CSS, The Darkness, Gorillaz and others that popped out but i can`t recall.
You can learn a lot of how the sistem works from the site`s F.A.Q. Also check out my profile http://www.thesixtyone.com/ashton and check out some bands i like (i will update it when i can) if you wanna take the "/name" names now is the time because i have a feeling pretty soon it will be full. Points Away!
p.s. This website is new so i support what i like, and i like this one so i dunno, show it to your friends, spread the word and all that.

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