Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"Tin Man" Miniseries

I have to say. i`m not even sure what to think about this show, but let me start from the beginning.
"Tin Man" is a new miniseries made by the Sci-Fi channel (and RHI ent.), the series is a re-imagining of "The Wizard of OZ" but with a lot of differences.
Honestly the show is not bad but the frequent cheap cliches made me quit halfway trough, the characters are so typical and don`t fit the description as they should, how is that girl cyber-punk? Either way the show has a big problem from my point of view, the acting is BAD but that would be OK without the constant cliches like "Where am I?" like if you are alone in some fucked up wood you say "Where am I?" come on, that just told me what to expect further into the show. See, if the show was a TV series this miniseries would be OK because usually the show evolves in acting ,writing and such, but this is not the case.

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