Thursday, December 6, 2007

In Retrospect: Thursday - Full Collapse ...

... and a little history of (modern) post-hardcore, although this is a personal opinion i believe Thursday`s "Full Collapse" album released back in 2001 is the very thing that set off the post-hardcore genre, but because a sort of confusion is around the genre itself, i will call it simply Thursdaycore.
Six years and a half ago things were different i suppose, though i don`t personally know because even if i did i was just a kid, 11 years old, that`s right. So Wikipedia has a bullshit article about post-hardcore, even though they had a nice one, i have no idea where the old one went, the new one says nothing about post-hardcore instead they say some bullcrap about post-hardcore back in the 80s and they list a series of experimental/art rock bands (???)
Now, if you look at any post-hardcore band (that has the Thursday layout and style overall) you will notice they all either launched after 2001 or changed their style after 2001, for example Thrice used to sing metalcore (Wikipedia gets that right at least) but after 2001, guess what? Post-hardcore, same goes for Saosin which is the most Thursday-like of all, again, launched after 2001.

But enough with that, overall "Full Collapse" is a great album, with some of Thursday`s bets songs like "Understanding in a car crash", "Paris in flames", "Cross out the eyes", "A Hole in the World". My favourite is "Understanding in a car crash" because i related to it in some way and it really delivers sort of an message and it plays and plays and you get a picture of a car crash, over and over, like in a movie, the same scene keeps on repeating, it`s a great song and it makes some sense.
Nowadays most post-hardcore is actually back to metalcore, like Drop Dead Gorgeous but who cares? Thursday sounds great and i`m happy with that.

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