Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tim Kring talks about Heroes "Generations" Finale

Tim Kring gave an exclusive interview for TVGuide.com explaining the sudden season finale of Heroes volume two "Generations" and giving us some clues about the two fallen heroes and the upcoming "Villains" volume, consisting of more than 11 episodes i hope :).

I don`t want to spoil but if you will read the interview it`s the same thing, you should watch the episode before reading it, if you can. The final episode left us with Hiro punishing Adam in a very ironic way and with Nathan`s unsuccessful attempt to expose the Company, Nathan`s fate seems rather dark but with pretty big fan reactions from what i`ve seen on the official forums he might be resurrected next season, after the strike ends.

I invite you to read the full interview and you will get some nice info, also some other stuff to look at while waiting for next season: Official Save Nathan thread, Hiro`s Blog.


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