Monday, December 3, 2007

Heroes "Powerless" Season Finale

"Due to the writers strike, the production crew re-worked some scenes in the event of this being the Season Finale."

Now hold on, for me the second season still feels fresh and it`s already ending? That`s one more minus the writers on strike get from me, although they have a point and they should be more accredited for their work this is starting to look BAD, with a lot of shows delayed and even modified to seem like a season finale :). I am so mad at this.... thing or whatever it is, which brings me to LOST and other great shows in some trouble but i`ll get to that in another post.

So, it seems "Powerless" will feature the final showdown between Adam and Hiro and other character`s developing storylines, even so it seems so exaggerated and unbelievable that they will end such an intriguing story they have developed with one episode, it just feels like "OK we got kinda bored let`s just show each other what cards we have and get it over with.". We have a lot of unique character situations that they should expand over more episodes but it doesn`t look that way.

I heard a speech Seth MacFarlane did about the whole strike thing and he explained stuff so any idiot could understand but even so i refuse to believe they are in SUCH a bad situation, and so poor they just have to act like kids and fuck up shows like Heroes, heck, let`s all complain, i mean, i`m a fan why don`t i get paid for involuntary show advertising? :)


The said...

FUCK THIS.. THIS IS BULLSHIT .. BULLSHIT.. sa ma fut in writers' strike si mortii lor.. daca in ianuarie nu incepe din nou Prison Break si Battlestar si Lost si heroes.. I KILL YOU!! writers.. or i just sit and wait.. plm.. fucked up

AshTooN said...

they just want to be paid ... more